Using In-Plant Handlers correctly

In-Plant handlers shield ESD sensitive items from ElectroStatic charges & discharges during storage and transportation outside an EPA.

During storage and transportation outside an EPA, ESD sensitive components and assemblies need to be enclosed in packaging that possesses the ESD control property of shielding:
• Electrostatic charges and discharges take the path of least resistance
• Charge will be either positive or negative; otherwise charge will balance out and there is no charge
• Charges repel so electrostatic charge will reside on outer surface

Protektive Pak has a conductive buried layer in the order of 103 ohms range.

Protektive Pak Impregnated Corrugated boxes meet the Discharge Shielding required limit and Dissipative Resistance recommendation of ESD Association Packaging standard ANSI/ESD S541

• Perfect for storing ESD sensitive items inside your EPA (with or without lid)
• Impregnated corrugated material offers greater durability than coated or printed material
• Buried shielding layer minimises potential of sloughing & rub-off contamination

In-Plant handlers and other ESD packing products are available from Inelco Hunter.

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