Fujitsu 3″ Thermal Printer

The supply voltage of the FTP-638WSL Series is 120/240VAC (via AC adaptor)or battery. The unit uses 3 inch wide paper.

The semi-rugged printer unit is most suitable for applications such as handheld, mobile and portable devices, as well as for various other equipment.


  • Light weight and ultra small size
  • Easy paper loading
  • Bluetooth ®, IrDA interfaces
  • 7.4 Lithion battery, 120 or 240VAC adaptor
  • Drop-resistant – 1.5 meters
  • Water resistant
  • Prints 2D barcodes and stacked barcodes
  • 3 hour charge cycle
  • RoHS compliant
  • IP54 compliant
  • Windows®XP/Vista//7/8/8.1, Linux® printer drivers
  • Apple® iOS/Android™ SDK (printer library) support
  • Apple® iOS7 drivers support iPhone 6 Plus

Note: if customer develops application software, iDP (iOS Developer Program) registration is required

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