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Inelco Hunter’s engineering expertise has found us developing projects in a diverse range of markets: defence and aerospace, telecomms, agriculture, HVAC, lighting, marine, banking and finance, point of sale, home appliance, as well as our four core markets: Industrial, Fire and Security, Medical, and Transport. We have designed and developed numerous innovative products: industrial satnav equipment controlling speed, flow rate and angles for winter gritting lorries; paediatric, geriatric and perioperative warming systems for hospital use; control panels embedded in portable clean room devices for asbestos removal; automated drinks dispensers incorporating cashless payment modules and limit sensors.

Examples of our design expertise:

Fire and Security

The fire and security market is required to meet stringent criteria when developing new products. With a development timeframe from a few months to several years, due to the nature of the market and approvals process, the investment costs involved can be large.

Using our experience in this market we have developed a range of ‘sub-solutions’, from which you can develop a system from a simple plug & play device to a full bespoke solution. Working in partnership with our clients, we offer 3D modelling, EMS testing, IP testing, vibration testing etc., as required to meet the various approvals within this market. This saves our customers time and effort, ensuring they come in on budget and on schedule.

Our fire and security projects have included:

• Door entry systems (including time and attendance / biometric systems)
• Fire control panels
• Disabled refuge alarms and panels
• Air sampling systems
• Intruder alarms
• Lone worker alarms / panic alarms
• Airport detection equipment
• Breathing apparatus


The range of products within the medical market includes everything from standard bedside equipment to life-supporting and life-critical products, and our solutions reflect that complexity.
The key requirements of high reliability, long term availability, backward compatibility, variable ambient lighting, resistance to extreme temperature / shock and vibration / moisture, etc, will always be considered, alongside functionality and mean time to failure (MTTF).

Integrating high-quality elements from our range of displays, touchscreens, thermal printers, connectivity, circuit and ESD protection into a single product application where needed, we offer high levels of engineering support from initial concept through to the design, product approval and qualification stages, and right into production.

Examples of our medical projects include:

• Ultrasound scanners
• Spectrometers for DNA testing
• Portable blood pressure monitors
• Endoscope reprocessing systems
• Tonometer’s for glaucoma testing
• Customised power supplies
• Syringe pumps for blood / drug administration
• Foetal monitoring systems
• Doppler systems
• Portable defibrillation equipment
• Water purification systems
• Neonatal, paediatric and perioperative warming systems
• Operating theatre equipment
• Autoclaves
• Cosmetic laser resurfacing equipment
• Dental equipment


The industrial market covers a huge range of applications with diverse operating conditions, from small hand-held devices to large scale factory automation. Where you require a stable product with wide operating temperatures, endurance in harsh environments, and long term availability, Inelco Hunter works with you to provide the technical and commercially optimum solution.
Our standard products incorporate highly reliable displays with options of gorilla glass up to 4mm; innovative resistive touch solutions which can support any type of input; ruggedized protective capacitive touch solutions for harsh environments; heavy duty connectivity solutions; highly durable fan assemblies; high-performance circuit and ESD protection equipment. Inelco Hunter can provide you with a complete range of associated products all from one source.

Our industrial projects include:

• Generator panels
• Portable and static welding equipment
• Oscilloscopes
• Automated mail sorters
• Industrial autoclave & cooling units
• Robotic camera systems
• Water quality measuring equipment
• Uninterruptable power supplies
• Building control and monitoring equipment
• Portable hand-held test equipment
• ATEX approved gas detection monitors
• Desktop calibration & test equipment
• Process & measurement systems
• Food and beverage vending equipment
• Brewery tool systems
• Weighing systems
• Heating controls
• Oil / gas control valves


Transportation projects require robust solutions – all the endurance of industrial systems, with added flexibility for outdoor use: waterproofing and heavy duty connectivity, ruggedized sunlight-readable displays and touchscreens, vandal-proofing, wide operating temperatures, long-term operation and minimal downtime.

Incorporating our displays, printers, fans and custom interconnections, we provide a complete range of standard and bespoke solutions for outdoor applications.

Recent projects have included:

• Display monitors for crane cockpits
• Access control units for goods vehicles
• Rail signalling control equipment
• Automated ANPR parking solutions
• Transportation ticketing machines
• Electric vehicle charging stations
• Winter and multipurpose highways equipment
• In-Vehicle embedded mobile data systems
• Highway signage systems