New Fujitsu FP-2000 POS Printer

FP-2000 PrinterCompact, fast & easy to integrate.
Inelco Hunter introduces the NEW Fujitsu FP-2000 series of standalone thermal printers. With a footprint of only 5.0(W) x 6.8(D) x 4.9(H) inch, the FP-2000 prints up to 400mm/second, setting a new standard in thermal printing, almost doubling the current speed.

Market Growth
Thermal printers have been around for decades. Despite new printing technologies such as dot matrix, inkjet and laser, the market for ther¬mal printers continues to grow at 10% a year with over five million units being sold in 2016.
The main reason for their popularity is their simplicity and reliability. Because printing is simply a matter of heating specific points on heat sensitive paper to create an image, there are no consumables such as ink or toner that need replacing – it is just a question of replacing a roll of paper when the old one runs out. This has made them very popular for supermarkets, retail outlets, petrol stations – in fact anywhere that you need to automatically issue a quick and simple receipt.

Greyscale Printing Capability
The FP-2000 series is the first in its class to offer greyscale printing capability without any price premium.
An intelligent algorithm analyses the picture and determines how to print using 16 different intensities for each pixel. This feature would normally incur an additional premium and a low print speed.
For example, coupons and offers can be printed with receipts at a checkout. Boarding passes can have a picture of the passenger for additional security and faster boarding. Temporary entry badges are more secure with a picture quickly printed on them.
Greyscale Printing

Fujitsu’s FP-2000 series has a higher print resolution of 203dpi. Using a special emulation feature, compatibility with standard 180 dpi layouts are maintained. Printouts look exactly the same – barcodes, layout, spacing, images, fonts, etc. — therefore ensures continuity of the customer experience without having to reprogram the receipt layout.
180dpi mode

Anti-Curl Receipt Printing
The anti-curl design feature stops the annoying curling up of the receipt when approaching the end of the roll by having a paper path that takes the paper back on itself to coun¬teract the curl. Plus should a print be interrupted by, say an end of the roll, the printer has in its buffer memory the print job so that it can be redone once a new roll has been inserted.

Reduced Paper Costs
The FP-2000 Series can print on thinner paper of only 53 microns instead of a typically used 65-85 microns, this reduces maintenance and paper costs by up to 10% as a roll lasts longer.

Lower Power Consumption
Specially designed to reduce standby power consumption by up to 80%, the FP-2000 would offer a substantial saving in power consumption cost where customers employ print solutions in their business. This huge power consumption reduction makes it even more environmentally friendly.

Surge Protection
The FP-2200 and FP-2100 printers have anti-surge circuits to protect their electronics in the event of power spikes from heavy-duty equipment being switched on.

Easy Integration
This new range of standalone thermal printers is compatible with both IOS and non-IOS via a simple software setting which allows for flexibility in the future. Swappable interface cards offer further flexibility with the choice of 25-pin RS232, powered USB, 9-pin RS232, wired LAN, Bluetooth or wireless LAN connectivity.
Interface Cards

Fujitsu’s FP-2000 family has three versions: the flagship, feature-rich Ultra High Speed FP-2200 that prints at up to 400mm/s, the mid range, high speed FP-2100 and the entry level FP-2000.

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