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Character Display Product Table

A select list of available Character Displays can be found, below.

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This is only a select range of products, so if you can’t find what you’re looking for please Contact Us

Powertip PartDisplay typeViewing directionOutline dimension (mm)LCD typeViewing angle (T/B/L/R)LCD interfaceController ICActive area (mm)Dot size (mm)Average brightness
Logic supply voltage (typ.) (V)BacklightIHL Part
PC0802LRS-AWA-B-Q8*2 Characters12 o'clock 58.0(L)x32.0(W)x14.0(H)STN Grey Positive Transflective Normal Temp.40--27.81(L)x11.5(W) 0.56(L) * 0.66(w)-5YG LEDJXM0802LRS-A-B
PC1202LRS-AWA-B-Q12*2 Characters6 o'clock55.7(L)x32.0(W)x13.3(H)STN Grey Positive Transflective Normal Temp40--37.85(L)x17.5(W)0.45(L)*0.7(W)-5YG LEDJXM1202LRS-A-B
PC1602LRS-FWA-B-Q16*2 Characters6 o'clock84.0(L)x44.0(W)x13.7(H)STN Grey Positive Transflective Normal Temp40--56.21(L)x11.5(W)0.56(L)*0.66(W)-5YG LEDJXM1602LRS-F-B
PC2002LRS-AWA-B-Q20*2 Characters6 o'clock116.0(L)x27.0(W)x14.5(H)STN Grey Positive Transflective Normal Temp25--73.5(L)x11.5(W)0.60(L)*0.65(W)-5YG LEDJXM2002LRS-A-B
PC2004LRU-AWA-H-Q24*2 Characters6 o'clock98.0(L)x60.0(W)x13.3(H)STN Grey Positive Transflective Normal Temp40--76.0(L)x25.2(W)0.6 (L)*0.65(W)-5YG LEDJXM2004LRU-A-H
PC2402LRS-AWA-B-Q24*2 Characters6 o'clock118.0(L)x36.0(W)x13.8(H)STN Grey Positive Transflective Normal Temp60--88.3(L)x11.5(W)-5YG LEDJXM2402LRS-A-B
PC0802ARS-AWA-A-Q8*2 Characters6 o'clock58.0(L)x32.0(W)x10.3(H)STN Grey Positive Reflective Normal Temp40--27.81(L)x11.5(W)0.56(L) * 0.66(w)-5-JXM0802ARS-A-A