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Grounding Equipment Product Table

A select list of available Grounding Equipment can be found, below.

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This is only a select range of products, so if you can’t find what you’re looking for please Contact Us

Desco PartTypeLength (M)DescriptionCategorySize (mm)Pack sizeIHL Part
2044Heel grounder Economy Heel Grounder, 1 Megohm Resistor Grounding EquipmentEach2044
2204Wrist band Adjustable Wrist Band, 4mm Stud Grounding Equipment252204
2209Disposable wrist strapDisposable Wrist StrapGrounding Equipment5002209
2360Wrist strap grounding cord1.5 Dual Conductor Coil Cord, 1.5M Grounding EquipmentEach2360
2360RWrist strap grounding cord1.5 Dual Conductor Coil Cord with Right Angle Mono Plug, 1.5M Grounding EquipmentEach2360R
2368Wrist band Wrist Band, Dual Conductor Adjustable Fabric Grounding Equipment102368
2370Wrist strap grounding cord3 Dual Conductor Coil Cord, 3M Grounding Equipment102370
2385Wrist band Dual Conductor Metal Wrist Band, Medium Grounding EquipmentEach2385
2389Wrist strap grounding cord3 Interconnect Mat Cord, 10mm Studs, No Resistor, 3m Grounding EquipmentEach2389
3042Wrist strap grounding system3 Wrist Strap Grounding System, 3M Cord Grounding EquipmentEach3042
4720Wrist bandDual Conductor Adjustable Thermoplastic Wrist BandGrounding EquipmentEach4720
732Wrist strap input jackDual Remote Wrist Strap Input JackGrounding EquipmentEach732
8501Portable field service kit Portable Field Service Kit with Adjustable Wrist Strap, 560mm x 610mm Grounding Equipment560 x 610Each8501