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Mobile Printers Product Table

A select list of available Mobile Printers can be found, below.

You can search for the product that you are looking for by using the filter boxes at the top of the table.

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This is only a select range of products, so if you can’t find what you’re looking for please Contact Us

Fujitsu PartTypeDimensions
CutterInterfacePaper width
Paper thickness
Paper insertionDot structure
Printing speed
Case colourPower supply
FTP-62HWSL001Mobile printer86.0 (W) x 103.5 (D) x 44.0 (H)Bluetooth, USB(2.0), NFC5860-115Easy load384120mm/s (960 dotlines/s)black7.4Yes
FTP-638WSL110Mobile printer106 (W) x 116 (D) x 58 (H)Bluetooth, IrDA8060-80Easy load57680mm/s (640 dotlines/s)white7.4Yes