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Test and Measurement Product Table

A select list of available Test and Measurement equipment can be found, below.

You can search for the product that you are looking for by using the filter boxes at the top of the table.

If you would like more information on a product please click on the link at the start of the table to go through to the relevant product page.

This is only a select range of products, so if you can’t find what you’re looking for please Contact Us

Desco PartDescriptionCategoryTypePack sizeIHL Part
724 Workstation Monitor, No Power Adapter Test & MeasurementWorkstation monitorEach724MO
222506Compact Wrist Strap Tester with Wall PlateTest & MeasurementGrounding test stationEach222506
222562Hi-Speed/Hi-Accuracy Wrist Strap TesterTest & MeasurementWrist strap testerEach222562
50780 SmartLog Pro®, with Proximity and Barcode Readers Test & MeasurementProximity and barcode readerEach50780
CTM051Ground Pro MeterTest & MeasurementGround integrity meterEachCTM051
19431Body Voltage MeterTest & MeasurementBody Voltage MeterEach19431
50756Contactless Test Switch for Combo Tester X3 & SmartLog Pro®
Test & MeasurementFootwear & Wrist Strap TestersEach