Panasonic Capacitor Samples

Discover the benefits of a capacitor range with higher capacitance in small sizes without suffering from voltage derating over time and a wide frequency spectrum.

Get your samples today!

SP-Cap Aluminium Polymer (Multi-Layer)

Ultra-low ESR Capacitor
For customers who are concerned about ripple noise problem
Low profile and low price (Rating of 35V max.)

POSCAP Tantalum Polymer

Small, large capacity and low ESR capacitor
For customers concerned about downsizing and space saving
Large capacity but space saving (Rating of 35V max.)

OS-CON Aluminium Polymer

High ripple, high pressure resistance & low ESR capacitor
For customers needing high ripple current (up to 6.1 A)
Covers high withstand voltage of 100V

Hybrid Aluminium (Polymer/Electrolyte)

High reliability, High withstand voltage & low ESR
For customers needing on-vehicle reliability and reliability
Cover high withstand voltage of 80V

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