Circuit Protection

Inelco Hunter offers a diverse range of circuit protection devices. They include transient voltage suppressors, space-saving flip chip technology, board-level devices, surface mount arrays, after-market megawatt systems, and more.

circuit protection

Industrial Applications

ProTek products provide protection from the effects of ESD/EFT/Surges as defined by IEC 61000-4-2, IEC 61000-4-4 and IEC 61000-4-5.

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Medical Applications

Medical Devices are susceptible to damage caused by ESD, which can be generated from sources such as human contact or air discharge. In addition, medical equipment can be sensitive to EMI/RFI interference because of their high operating frequencies.

Military & Aerospace Devices

Military and Aerospace industries require reliable, high-performance protection products that can withstand harsh environmental conditions. ProTek Devices offers protection solutions that meet the stringent requirements of the following standards: MIL-STD-1399, MIL-STD-704, MIL-STD-750, MIL-STD-1275, MIL-PRF-19500.

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Communication & Networking Devices

Since data transfer rates run into the gigabit range and capacitance plays a much larger role. Designers are faced with the challenge of finding protection solutions that are compatible with higher data rate applications such as Ethernet, USB and IEEE-1394.

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Automotive Devices

Protek has developed protection solutions for a wide range of automotive electronic systems. A typical automotive application has several circuits and interfaces that are vulnerable to the effects of ESD, EFT and other induced surges.

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Component Modules

Component Modules

ProTek offers three types of Modules and/or Components: AC Power, DC Power and Data Line. In addition, ProTek's modules are designed to meet surge, line to ground, and line to line immunity requirements - IEC 61000-4-5.
Steering Diode TVS Combos

Steering Diode TVS Combos

ProTek offers low capacitance TVS protection by combining steering diodes with TVS diodes into a single package. This unique design provides high-speed data line and I/O port protection from transients caused by Electrostatic Discharge (ESD), Electrical Fast Transients (EFT), Tertiary Lightning and other induced voltages.  


ProTek's Thyristor Surge Suppression devices are designed to protect telecommunications equipment against lightning and transients induced by AC power lines. These devices are ideal for use in central office equipment, PBX, DSU, OCU, digital telephones, fax machines, modems and radio controlled equipment.
TVS Diode Arrays

TVS Diode Arrays

ProTek offers three types of TVS Diode Arrays: Standard Capacitance(less than 100pF), Low Capacitance(5-100pF) and Ultra Low Capacitance(less than 5pF).

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