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Audio & Lighting Connectors

The Inelco Hunter extensive range of Audio and Lighting Connectors are designed to meet the specific needs of the entertainment industry.

Amphenol Australia’s award winning IDC (Insulation Displacement Contact) XLR showcases the company’s commitment to both Engineering Excellence and “Green Gigging” philosophies. It is the world’s first XLR to use solderless technology for a pro-audio microphone cabling application. It allows for cable assemblies to be made, or repairs performed to assemblies in the field, without the need for solder, resins and fluxes or externally powered soldering stations.

AC Series XLR Connectors

AC Series XLR Connectors

The AC series cable connector range complies with IEC268-12 and AES 14-1992 standards. CSA File Number 68598.
AX Series XLR Connectors

AX Series XLR Connectors

The revolutionary AX series of XLR connectors introduce an exciting contemporary look and feel to the professional audio interconnect market. They are designed to complement modern audio architecture and truly “fit” within their environment.