ATP Series

ATP ConnectorsATP Series™ connectors are designed as a high-performance, cost-effective, thermoplastic solution to be used within the Marine, Heavy Equipment, Agricultural, Automotive, Alternative Energy fields, as well as other demanding interconnect applications.
Available in 2 and 4 position options, the ATP Series™ Connectors contain superior environmental seals, seal retention capabilities and are designed for use with 10-14AWG with size 12 contacts handling up to 25A.
ATP Series™ connectors are compatible with other existing standard products industry-wide.

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Part NumberManufacturerSeriesProduct TypeContactsCurrent Carrying CapacityRated VoltageOperating TemperatureProtection ClassDownload Datasheet
ATP04-2PAmphenolATP Series2 Pin Receptacle225-55°C +125°CIP67 Datasheet
ATP04-4PAmphenolATP Series4 Pin Receptacle425-55°C +125°CIP67 Datasheet
ATP06-2SAmphenolATP Series2 Pin Plug225-55°C +125°CIP67 Datasheet
ATP06-4SAmphenolATP Series4 Pin Plug425-55°C +125°CIP67 Datasheet
AWP-2PAmphenolATP Series2 Pin Receptacle Wedge-55°C +125°CIP67 Datasheet
AWP-2SAmphenolATP Series2 Pin Plug Wedge-55°C +125°CIP67 Datasheet
AWP-4PAmphenolATP Series4 Pin Receptacle Wedge-55°C +125°CIP67 Datasheet
AWP-4SAmphenolATP Series4 Pin Plug Wedge-55°C +125°CIP67 Datasheet
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