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Medical Connectors

Inelco Hunter offers custom and standard medical connector solutions for: Patient Monitoring, Surgical, Defibrillation, Diagnostic Imaging and many other medical applications.

Amphenol Alden produces hybrid interconnects combining signal, power, liquid and gas. This reduces the need for multiple connectors, conserve space on your device, reduce tangling and make devices easier to use.

Pulse-Lok Connectors

Pulse-Lok Connectors

Amphenol Alden's Pulse- Lok ® family of auto-coupling connectors has been performance engineered to meet the challenges of contemporary instrumentation applications.
PulseOne Connectors

PulseOne Connectors

The PulseOne overmolded plug cable assembly and receptacle is designed to meet the growing need for human-worn and disposable high-performance connection systems.  Its ergonomic shape, environmental sealing features, and low cost option make PulseOne ideal for both physiological monitoring and instrumentation.