ESD Ionisers


Where feasible, insulators should be eliminated from the EPA but where this is impossible (e.g. PC board substrate, insulative test fixtures or product plastic housings), the ions emitted by an ioniser can eliminate both negative and positive charges on an insulator.

Ionisers may also be used where conventional grounding of conductors is impractical or very difficult, e.g. inside a pick and place machine.

Bench Top Ionisers use steady state DC ionisation. Experience has found that steady state DC ionisers work effectively with a modest airflow suitable for sensitive items, soldering operations and where operator comfort is a concern.

Overhead Ionisers produce extended ionisation coverage and are ideal for areas where bench space is limited.

Most companies address ElectroStatic attraction, visual imperfections and contamination issues by dislodging charged dust and debris with compressed air ionisers. They use compressed air or nitrogen to neutralise static charges in localised areas.

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