WS Aware Monitor

770061 WS Aware Monitor
770061 WS Aware Monitor with Standard Remotes

The WS Aware Monitor is a continuous monitor for operators, ESD worksurfaces and metal tools. It continuously monitors the path-to-ground integrity and body voltage of two operators, as well as the path-to-ground integrity for two conductive or dissipative worksurfaces and two metal tools. It also continuously monitors for electromagnetic interference (EMI) on two metal tools which may cause electrical overstress (EOS) damage. The WS Aware Monitor eliminates the need for periodic testing and record keeping of wrist straps.

The WS Aware Monitor is designed with digital signal processing technology for true continuous monitoring (versus pulsed or intermittent) of wrist strap functionality (path-to-ground and presence of 1 megohm resistor) and operator safety according to accepted industry standards without capacitance variations from personnel or environment. Digital signal processing technology uses dual-wire wrist straps to apply an ultra-low test voltage of 0.05V onto the operator for the handling of sensitive components.

770062 WS Aware Monitor
770062 WS Aware Monitor with Big Brother Remotes


The WS Aware Monitor features operator body voltage detection. It will alarm if the operator generates or comes in contact with the voltage that would be dangerous to an ESD susceptible item.

The WS Aware Monitor continuously monitors two metal tools for electromagnetic interference (EMI). EMI can cause equipment lockups and malfunction. The WS Aware Monitor will alarm if EMI is detected. Each WS Aware Monitor is calibrated with accepted procedures and standards traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and includes a certificate of calibration.

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