Higher Level Assembly (HLA)

HLAThe unique Higher Level Assembly (HLA) service from ebm-papst

  • Complete one-stop-shop service from a single supplier
  • Easier, streamlined implementation
  • Shorter supply chain, lower cost of acquisition

Download the Higher Level Assembly (HLA) Brochure

Why buy a fan when you can source a complete, bespoke service? And why spend time, money and resources managing multiple suppliers when you can choose a comprehensive service from a single supplier with the proven manufacturing quality of ebm-papst?
That’s the beauty of Higher Level Assembly. As its name suggests, HLA is the assembly of any number of component parts into a complete or near complete system, finished product or sub level assembly.
At a stroke, it frees you from the chore and time-consuming expense of sourcing, buying, storing and assembling many different components.

You benefit from greater efficiency, quicker implementation and reduced overhead.

HLA production processes tick all the boxes:

Contract manufacture covers procurement, production build and customer logistics.
  • Sheet metal fabrication
  • Automatic tube and wire cutting
  • Metal machining
  • MiG & TiG Welding
  • Harness build
  • Painting and finishing
  • Lead free soldering
  • Plastic moulding
  • Automatic crimping
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