Tangential Fans

Tangential FansStove jacket cooling, thermal storage heaters, wood-burning stoves, overhead projectors, tanning beds, climate control systems and heating units: All these applications share the need for ventilation with a low overall height and high air flow at low flow rates. The ideal solution: Tangential fans made by ebm-papst.

The small ratio of the impeller diameter (30 to 65 mm) to the impeller length in most cases allows a flat and stretched design. The large cross section on the suction and pressure side makes for high air delivery at low flow rates. The air being thrown a long distance and low noise level are additional features of tangential blowers.

Key Features

  • Low noise at high air flow and low back pressure
  • High air flow at low flow rates
  • Good contact of cooled ducts and surfaces with cold air due to the expanded width of the exhaust surface
  • Very flat design
  • Moisture-protected versions, for example for refrigeration technology
  • GreenTech EC motors mean higher speeds than AC motors
  • Performance adaptation via PWM signal or 0–10 V analogue voltage

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