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fujitsu relays


With contact ratings from 1A to 100A, Fujitsu Relays are suitable for applications in home appliance, general industrial control, smart metering, solar equipment, lighting and telecommunication products.

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Key Features

  • fujitsu relaysThe relay product range covers automotive, power, signal, high frequency and solid state relays.
  • The relays are available in a wide range of variations such as slim line, ultra quiet and low power consumption.
  • Through continued research and development Fujitsu keeps expanding its product range.


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Automotive Relays

Automotive Relays

Key Features • Small size 40A relay (FBR53-HW) • 25A low noise relay (50dB) (FTR-P5) • 30A latching relay (FBR51NL)
Power Relays

Power Relays

Key Features • Low profile dimension • High (inrush) current • Latching (low power consumption) • High voltage DC contact capability • Compact size • Wide contact gap • Reflow solderable
Signal Relays

Signal Relays

Key Features •  Ultra small size 4th generation relay • High dielectric strength 3KV relay • 2 mm contact gap for safety reason
Solid State Relays

Solid State Relays

Solid-state relays have fast switching speeds compared with electromechanical relays, and have no physical contacts to wear out.