Fujitsu Mobile Thermal Printers

Fujitsu 2″ and 3″ Mobile Thermal printers are compact and light weight and an ideal solution for healthcare, hospitality and retail applications.

Key Features

  • Light weight and compact
  • Easy loading mechanism
  • Bluetooth and USB  interface
  • 3.7V Lithium battery, 120 or 240VAC adaptor
  • Drop-resistant

Part numberManufacturerWidthSpeed (mm/s)Paper FeedDownload Datasheet
FTP-62HWSL001Fujitsu2-inch120 (Battery)Top Datasheet
FTP-628WSL120Fujitsu2-inch50 (AC adapter); 40 (Battery)Top Datasheet
FTP-628WSL210Fujitsu2-inch50 (AC adapter); 40 (Battery)Top Datasheet
FTP-628WSL211Fujitsu2-inch50 (AC adapter); 40 (Battery)Top Datasheet
FTP-628WSL212Fujitsu2-inch50 (AC adapter); 40 (Battery)Top Datasheet
FTP-638WSL110Fujitsu3-inch80 (Battery)Top Datasheet
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