4-Wire Feather Touch Panels

Feather Touch PanelFujitsu’s Feather Touch Panels incorporate a proprietary top film that responds to 0.02-0.3N force input to enable the same pinch, expand, rotate, flick/swipe gesturing functionality that Projected Capacitive multi-touch panels are well-known for. Other notable specifications include a transparency of 82%-90%, a -5 to 60 degree C operating temperature, and reliability of 1 million finger inputs minimum rating.


CTA button

Part numberSizeCable Length (mm)Outer Size (mm)Active Areas (mm)Transparent Areas (mm)Input Type 
NC01101T0016.9550166.50x 92.50155.00 x 81.30160.00 x 84.30Finger Datasheet
NC01101T0216.550159.2 x 90.4144.0 x 79.3147.3 x 82.1Finger Datasheet
NC01101T041750164.9 x 98.0153.08 x 85.58156.8 x 88.58Finger Datasheet
NC01101T061750164.4 x 103.2150.4 x 89.4156.8 x 94.8Finger Datasheet
NC01101T081850190.3 x 120.0176.4 x 99.36180.8 x 103.8Finger Datasheet
NC01111T08112.1120275.30x 178.00261.12 x 163.20264.12 x 167.20Finger Datasheet
NC01111T1613.82169.5 x 87.658.6 x 78.361.6 x 82.5Finger Datasheet
NC01111T1814.350105.4 x 67.196.1 x 54.9099.1 x 57.5Finger Datasheet
NC01111T2028.475182.7 x 142.7171.8 x 129.2173.8 x 131.8Finger Datasheet
NC01111T22210.475228.2 x 175.40212.2 x 159.40216.2 x 164.6Finger Datasheet
NC01111T24212.175261.4 x 198.8246.5 x 185.3250.9 x 190.8Finger Datasheet
NC01111T2611561323.5 x 245.2305.2 x 229.03309.2 x 234.23Finger Datasheet
NC01111T28117120353.5 x 287.5339.3 x 271.5342.3 x 274.1Finger Datasheet
NC01152T02115.361358.0 x 224.0335.08 x 201.44338.08 x 204.44Finger Datasheet
NC01152T101750164.40x 103.30150.40 x 91.44157.40 x 95.00Finger Datasheet
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