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Case Studies
4-wire touch panel

4-Wire Touch Panels

4-wire touch panel4-wire touch panels are available from 2 to 17 inch and can support 1million touches (or 100 000 words) before loosing linearity with an operating temperature of -2ºC to +55ºC and storage from -30ºC to 70ºC.

The 4-wire technology comes in a standard version with anti-scratch hard-top coating, an anti-glare finish avoiding the mirror effect. The standard transparency for these touch panels is 82%. The technology used allows pen and finger input making the touch panels suitable for small applications such as :
  • Hand Held Terminals
  • PDAs
  • Mobile phones
  • Portable Navigation Devices
  • Measuring Devices
  • Taxi Meters

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Part numberSizeInput TypeCable Length (mm)Outer Size (mm)Active Areas (mm)Transparent Areas (mm)Notes 
N0100554T0095.7Pen/ Finger50132.50 x 104.70115.17 x 86.37122.00 x 93.85 Datasheet
N0100554T0436.4Pen/ Finger61144.00 x 111.00131.20 x 100.10133.60 x 102.7080% AG; 61mm flex tail Datasheet
N0100554T0486.4Pen/ Finger120144.00 x 111.00131.20 x 100.10133.60 x 102.7086% Clear; 120mm flex tail Datasheet
N0100554T34710.4Pen/ Finger75228.20 x 175.40212.20 x 159.40225.3 x 174.0 Datasheet
N0100554T35210.4Pen/ Finger120228.20 x 175.40212.20 x 159.40225.3 x 174.0 Datasheet
N0100554T5048.4Pen/ Finger75182.70 x 142.65171.80 x 129.20173.80 x 131.800.7mm glass, 80% AG/AS. 75mm flex tail Datasheet
N0100554T7033.8Pen/ Finger2169.50 x 87.6058.60 x 78.3061.80 x 82.50 Datasheet
N0100554T80512.1Pen/ Finger75261.40 x 198.80246.50 x 185.30250.90 x 190.80 Datasheet
N0100554T81412.1Pen/ Finger120261.40 x 198.80246.50 x 185.30250.90 x 190.80 Datasheet
N0100554T90215Pen/ Finger61323.50 x 245.20305.20 x 229.03309.20 x 234.23 Datasheet