Multi Input Touch Panels

multi-input touch panelsThe resistive multi-input touch panels can process single-tap and multi-touch input from nearly any object using varying pressure. This capability results in accurate, stylus-handwriting input and enables two-finger manipulation, including pinch, push, rotate and scroll functionality (to zoom or rotate pictures). Both finger and stylus action can be performed simultaneously.

CTA button

Part numberSizeInput TypeCable Length (mm)Outer Size (mm)Active Areas (mm)Transparent Areas (mm) 
NC01531T0415.6Pen/ Finger100141.30 x 84.00125.40 x 69.50130.40 x 74.60 Datasheet
NC01531T06112.1Pen/ Finger100281.00 x 179.20261.12 x 162.00264.12 x 166.20 Datasheet
NC01531T0817Pen/ Finger100179.50 x 92.50159.80 x 77.40165.20 x 81.20 Datasheet
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