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Case Studies
Fujitsu Wireless

Wireless Modules

Fujitsu WirelessFujitsu‘s wireless modules are designed to facilitate easy and simple integration. The wireless module product offering ranges from WLAN, Bluetooth and WLAN Bluetooth modules.
Modules are available in surface mount and connector joint type and with or without antenna.

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The Fujitsu beacon is a Bluetooth® smart transmitter that broadcasts specific data. The broadcasted data triggers an app installed on a mobile device.
Classic Bluetooth

Classic Bluetooth

The Fujitsu Components Classic Bluetooth modules contain the complete upper layer protocol stack (L2CAP, RFCOMM, SDP) and the GAP and SPP profile.
Evaluation Boards

Evaluation Boards

Fujitsu evaluation boards are an upper layer protocol and application development tool for bluetooth modules.
LAN Modules

LAN Modules

The Fujitsu Components complete LAN modules are perfect for connecting devices over wireless LAN without using an operating system. The unique command interface provides easy connection by using simple commands. The module can function in station mode...
Low Energy Smart  Bluetooth Modules

Low Energy Smart Bluetooth Modules

Smart Bluetooth Modules contains a low energy feature enabling a substantial reduction of power consumption.