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Inelco Hunter specialises in the supply of LCD displays and custom LCD/TFT solutions for the electronics industry, from standard mono character / alphanumeric / graphic LCDs through to full colour graphic, TFT and OLED display modules, with or without touch screen integration.
Our custom design solutions, supported by in-house engineering, enable us to offer project development in a wide range of customer applications.

TFT Displays

The most popular types of displays are TFTs. These displays are used in everything from phones, TVs and tablets to control panels in industry. Where there’s a touch panel, there’s usually a TFT behind it. Offering a cost effective solution with better viewing angles, lower power consumption, and versatility of size, resolution and brightness, we can provide standard products or tailor a solution for your application with minimal investment. Our engineers have incorporated TFTs into applications for automotive, medical, industrial and consumer use, notably the official Raspberry Pi 7” display, and our 10.1” Raspberry Pi display kit.

Graphic Displays

Inelco Hunter Graphic Display LCDs are one step up from character displays – still mono, they offer more flexibility with the information displayed, able to show both characters and graphics on one matrix. Available with and without controller IC, and in a wide range of sizes, STN or FSTN type displays, backlight colour options, and with or without touch, graphic displays are ideally suited to consumer goods and office equipment.

Character Displays

Inelco Hunter Character LCD Displays are a high reliability, easy to drive option offering simplicity and clarity of design where a cost-effective mono solution with no graphics is required. Ideal for industrial and consumer applications such as measuring instruments, cash registers, and agricultural equipment, our standard sizes range from 8×2 to 40×4. A variety of polarisers, backlight colours and temperature options are available.

Custom Displays

Inelco Hunter’s in-house Engineering Team offer expert advice from the initial concept and design stage through to integration and customised solutions. We can help with your system, application, support, project design, development and software customisation. Recent projects include the official Raspberry Pi 7” display, and our 10.1” Raspberry Pi display kit.