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Touch Screens

Along with our standard range of resistive and capacitive touch panels, we can now offer our customers the features of capacitive touch with the added benefits of resistive. Fujitsu’s light/feather touch solutions can emulate a dual touch input (with pinch, zoom, rotate) or offer a flush finish screen design to their application. A wide range of sizes and custom solutions are also available for easy integration into customer applications.

  • high transparency
  • low reflection
  • high standard quality
  • Capacitive Touch Panels

    Capacitive touch panels have a multi-touch ability and are extremely durable in most environments. Capacitive touch panels can be operated using finger touch or a stylus and allow for Zoom, Rotate, Flick and Swipe actions.

    Resistive Touch Panels

    In this era where media, leisure and workspace are digitising, the use of touch panels has become more common. Inelco Hunter offers 4-wire, 5-wire, 7-wire and multi input resistive touch panels.