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Embedded Displays

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One of the most time-consuming tasks when designing an integrated industrial solution is to get the display and your choice of processor working perfectly together. From embedded computing to socket solutions ranging from Mini-ITX through to SOM modules are our highly skilled in-house design engineers, we are able to offer fully optimised, ready to run embedded displays integrated with:


AS Rock, ARM, NXP, Pi


TFT Display solution


Touchscreen interface


Cover lens integration


Linux operating system


All drivers and cables


Cases and mounting accessories


Power supplies


Memory cards

System on Module

System on Module (SoM) is a small form-factor, ready-to-use, processor module. It consists of the hardware and software for developing any embedded product.
SoM allows you to accelerate time-to-market for your embedded products and to reduce project schedule and overall cost. SoM requires a matching customer’s board or a carrier board to establish a complete computer system (Computer on Board).

Carrier Boards

Carrier boards for VisionSOM System-on-Module family.

Powertip 10.1 inch tft display- D9010 (series)

TFT Display Solution

The most popular types of displays are TFTs. These displays are used in everything from phones, TVs and tablets to control panels in industry. Where there’s a touch panel, there’s usually a TFT behind it. Offering a cost effective solution with better viewing angles, lower power consumption, and versatility of size, resolution and brightness, we can provide standard products or tailor a solution for your application with minimal investment. Our engineers have incorporated TFTs into applications for automotive, medical, industrial and consumer use, notably the official Raspberry Pi 7” display, and our 10.1” Raspberry Pi display kit.

Raspberry Pi products

With over 19 million Pis sold these neat single board computers are being used more and more in industrial applications. As the designer and manufacture of the official 7” display for Raspberry Pi, IHL offer a selection of standard display options from 3.5” to 13.3 “that will integrate seamlessly with a Raspberry PI.