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Inelco Hunter offers the complete range of Conductive Polymer Electrolytic Capacitors from Panasonic: SP-Cap, POSCAP, OSCON & Hybrid series. These capacitors offer higher safety than general tantalum capacitors, very low ESR and high frequency characteristics which are not dependent upon temperature and voltage.
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Panasonic OSCON Capacitor


OS-CON are wound aluminium capacitors with high conductive polymer. Acquiring low Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR) even at low temperatures, they have excellent noise reduction capability and frequency characteristics, offer high ripple and high pressure resistance, and a long life span.
Panasonic POSCAP Capacitor


Panasonic’s innovative construction and processing yields one of the lowest ESR levels in Polymer Tantalum Capacitor technology and exhibits excellent performance in high-frequency applications. Offering a high volumetric efficiency for capacitance, POSCAP capacitors demonstrate high reliability and high heat resistance, together with a small PCB footprint.
Panasonic SP-Cap Capacitors


SP-Cap is a rectangular chip-shaped multi-layer aluminium capacitor that uses a polymer as its electrolyte. Ideal for customers who are concerned about ripple noise, it is a low profile, low cost and ultra-low ESR choice.
Panasonic Hybrid Capacitors


The Hybrid series capacitors combine the benefits of Aluminium Electrolytic and Speciality Polymer Capacitors, with high voltage, high reliability, low leakage, and low ESR. These are a more cost-effective option featuring greener technology.

Why Choose Inelco Hunter?


At Inelco Hunter Limited, we have formed strategic partnerships with leading manufacturers of electronic components, allowing us to offering a comprehensive range of quality products to the market. From water-tight glove operated touch panels to space-saving hybrid interconnect solutions, when buying from Inelco Hunter Ltd you benefit from an integrated approach to your design, project and production requirements

Our range of products includes:

  • LCD, TFT, OLED & Custom Solutions
  • Touch Screen Panels
  • Panel PC & Embedded Solutions
  • Interconnect Solutions
  • Fans, Blowers & HL Assemblies
  • Thermal Printers
  • ESD & Circuit Protection
  • Relays
  • Capacitors


  • Feasibility & Research service, saving you time & money
  • Pre-design activities, documenting design challenges and identifying potential risks
  • Ability to work with you to ring-fence the correct product range depending on your requirements and product ideas
  • Ability to turn your concepts and ideas into fully working products
  • Experts in working with innovative systems and solutions & innovating new solutions for our customers
  • Deep understanding of product design and customer expectation
  • Excellent project management, delivering your products on time and budget
  • Experts in the field understanding your target audience enabling us to assist you in the production journey

Support Services

Our services are based on tried and tested methods, which combine an innovative system with rational analysis to understand the product design, customer expectations, budget, target market and project deadlines.

Our services include:

  • Inelco Hunter Embedded Systems
  • Project Management
  • Custom Design Display Solutions
  • Design and Consultancy
  • Assembly and Test
  • 2D and 3D CAD Drawing Service
  • Logistics Value-Add
  • Fan Assembly Services
  • Anti-Static Survey & Assessment
  • Obsolescence Service