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Article: July 2018

Polymer Capacitors as Replacements for MLCCs

MLCC (Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor) shortage issues are currently affecting multiple industries with long lead times. Panasonic Capacitors are proving to be an excellent, cost-effective and efficient alternative solution:
Polymer capacitors…
• offer longer lifetimes than MLCCs – this is necessary in high reliability applications such as the medical and aerospace industries.
• are highly efficient, with fewer required to provide the same function as multiple MLCCs. You save money, board space and assembly time, and can make your designs more compact.
• are available on shorter lead times.

There are four types of Panasonic Polymer capacitors, all available from Inelco Hunter: Hybrid, OSCON, SP-Cap and POSCAP, the variety ensuring that solutions can be found for applications across many industries.

In addition, Inelco Hunter can reduce your lead times and costs through our warehousing and logistics service: schedule your orders, take advantage lower prices for higher volumes, and we will deliver your components according to your production requirements.


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