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Article: August 2018

Why Choose Amphenol?

• Amphenol Industrial has the largest portfolio of IP rated connector products covering every market:
o Factory automation
o Security
o Medical
o Marine
o LED lighting
o Electric vehicles
o Oil and gas

• Amphenol offer screw terminal, solder bucket and crimp contacts (CNC machined or stamped and formed), as well as multiple plating options on many of their form fit and function products, providing a cost saving against the competitors

• From patented Radsok technology (allowing up to 50% more current to pass through the same size pin), to in-built strain relief, RockSolid contacts (longer life, lower resistance, immunity to shock and vibration), custom colouring, and FlexGrip backshells, Amphenol’s innovative options are cost-efficient and extend the life of your product.

• Amphenol offer products that are form fit and function alternatives to many other connector manufacturers ( Hirschmann, Binder, Lumberg, Harting, Ilme, Weidmuller, Molex, Deutsch, Souriau, and ITT cannon…) as well as custom solutions where required.

• Amphenol can save you time and money: Amphenol Industrial’s heavy mate modular system is both far easier to assemble and more cost effective than other rectangular connector suppliers (such as Harting and Deutsch), and with shorter lead times. For circular push pull connectors, the FLO series is easier to assemble and lower cost compared to the lines of Fischer, Lemo and Odu, as well as having shorter lead times and greater flexibility in customisation.

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Connectors, or a complete solution?

As well as individual connectors, Inelco Hunter can supply you with fully finished cable assemblies and final builds. Our in-house engineering team and experienced sales people can provide a complete ‘plug and play’ solution, freeing up your engineers (or providing you with engineering skills you don’t have access to), purchasing component parts and providing guaranteed final product.

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