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A world leading manufacturer of interconnection products, Amphenol Industrial has solutions for every industry: Energy, Transportation, Heavy Equipment, Medical, Factory Automation, Lighting, Security and more. Amphenol Connector ranges connect smarter, faster technologies to customer solutions, and are directly compatible with other connector brands in the industry including Deutsch, Harting, Binder, Hirschmann, and Souriau.


With close to 100 years of technical and market experience, Fujitsu offers a diverse product portfolio of Relays, Thermal Printers, Touch Screens & Wireless modules. Their component research, design and manufacturing facilities utilize the world’s most advanced techniques and the strictest of quality control procedures, keeping pace with the demands of the latest applications.


For nearly 30 years Powertip has been one of the leading manufacturers of LCD technology. Used in industries including medical, industrial, automotive, consumer, white goods, communications, test and measurement and gas pumps / parking meters, Powertip products offer you a range of standard and customisable options for even the most challenging application.


ebm-papst compact fans have long been the standard in electronics cooling. Compact, quiet and highly efficient, these fans meet the latest low-energy requirements for green-tech products while maintaining their quality and performance. Available as standard items; with custom options; or under the full Higher Level Assembly design service in partnership with Inelco Hunter.


Desco Europe formed from the consolidation of Charleswater and Vermason, and manufactures the full range of static protection products produced under the SCS, Vermason and Charleswater brands. From the simplest of static control packaging to ESD surveys and the full Static Management Programme, Desco Europe offers solutions suited to all needs, protecting your goods and equipment from electrostatic discharge.


Panasonic offer high quality, reliable and long-life polymer capacitors in four ranges: Hybrid, OSCON, SP-Cap and POSCAP, the variety ensuring that solutions can be found for applications across many industries. These are efficient, space-saving and cost-effective alternatives to traditional multi-layer ceramic capacitors, with shorter lead times, from an established industry leader.

ProTek Devices

ProTek Devices is a leading semi-conductor manufacturer of a wide range of innovative high performance TVS protection products. With over 25 years of manufacturing experience they offer application-specific solutions for all electronics markets, including telecommunications, consumer electronics, computing, industrial, medical and aerospace/military.


SomLabs are focused on development and manufacturing of a wide range of embedded platforms, such as System on Modules (SoM) and Carrier Boards (CB) for embedded projects. They provide SoMs for companies who demand reliable hardware and software solutions for rapid development.

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