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Desco Europe sells the full range of DII products, manufactured in our facilities in the USA and UK, servicing the European market via trained distributors who will sell the Desco Europe value package and complete ESD solution to all ESD users in their territory, leading with hi-end solutions that mark us out from the competition.

Static Control Products

Electrostatic Discharge, ESD, is the spontaneous transfer of electrostatic charge from one item to another. It can generate heat and melt circuitry in electronic components.

Inelco Hunter offers a full range of ESD protection to help customers establish an ESD Protected Area, and to protect the products manufactured within it when they must leave that protected area.

Static Shielding Bag

Bags, Labels, Tapes & Desiccants

ESD Packaging products are designed to protect ESD sensitive items from electrostatic damage during transportation and storage by enveloping the device in a material with a shielding layer.

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Floor & Bench Mats

ESD protective working surfaces and floors prevent the build-up of static charge and damage caused by ESD.

Heel Grounder

Grounding Equipment

People are the most common source of charge and ESD. Grounding them with wrist straps and foot grounders avoids ESD and protects sensitive equipment. Monitoring devices ensure their effectiveness.
Workstation Monitor

Testing & Measuring Equipment

Detecting and measuring static is essential to avoid damage to sensitive electronic devices. Inelco Hunter offers a comprehensive range of test instruments and consumables to help you avoid these problems.

Desco- Reztore Surface & Mat Cleaner-10446

Cleanroom Products

Your ESD Protected Area (EPA) can be managed by access control and additional equipment such as ionisers to ‘neutralise’ those items which cannot be grounded or removed from the area. These are available in benchtop, overhead and nozzle / hand gun form depending upon your requirements.

Desco ESD Card Holder-35015

ESD Accessories

A range of ESD badge holders, lanyards, desk equipment (cups, workstation organisers), bottles and brushes are available to ensure the highest levels of ESD protection.