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panasonicAs one of the leading capacitor manufacturers, Panasonic capacitors vast selection of polymer capacitors are an integral part of their product portfolio. An invaluable resource to modern design engineers everywhere.

Discover how Panasonic can revolutionize your circuit designs by clicking on the various Capacitor categories below for additional information.

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Hybrid Capacitors

Hybrid Capacitors

The Hybrid Series Capacitors combine the benefits of Aluminium Electrolytic and Speciality Polymer Capacitors resulting in a capacitor featuring high endurance, a low ESR and high ripple current.
OS-CON Capacitors

OS-CON Capacitors

Available in both surface mount and through hole types, the OS-CON product line spans several Series of Solid Electrolyte Aluminium Capacitors, which include the SVP, SVPC, SVPF, SVPE, SEP, SEPC, and SEPF Series.
POSCAP Capacitors

POSCAP Capacitors

The POSCAP product line spans several Series of Solid Electrolyte Chip Capacitors which include the TPE, TQC, TPF, TPSF, TPB, TPC, TPG, and TPU Series. These solid capacitors utilize a sintered tantalum anode and a proprietary high conductivity polymer for a cathode.
SP-Cap Capacitors

SP-Cap Capacitors

Panasonic’s industry leading SP-Cap™ Polymer Aluminium Capacitors, are surface mount (SMT) capacitors that utilize a conductive polymer as their electrolyte material in a layered aluminum design.