Founded in 1991, Powertip has grown through the years to become one of the true leading manufacturers of Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) technology today. With factories located in Taiwan and China and over 90,200 square meters of manufacturing space, Powertip & Inelco Hunter are fully equipped to handle the market needs for

  • Colour STN
  • Chip-on glass (COG)
  • Chip-on film (COF)
  • Tape-automated-bonding (TAB)
  • Chip-on board (COB)
  • Surface-mount technology (SMT) LCD module designs
  • Custom design solutions.

Alongside their touch solutions and smart panel embedded TFT’s, Powertip is one of the most versatile manufacturing partners for LCD Design.

Character LCD Displays

Character LCD Displays

Inelco Hunter Character LCD Displays offer high reliability and are ideal for industrial and consumer applications such as Measuring lnstruments, Cash Registers, POS, Digital Grain Testers and Card Reader.
Graphic LCD Displays

Graphic LCD Displays

I nelco Hunter Graphic Display LCD's are available with and without controller IC in sizes 98x32,120x32,122x32,128x64,160x32,240x64,240x128 and 320x240.Available as either STN or FSTN type displays.
TFT Displays

TFT Displays

Inelco Hunter TFT displays offer versatility in sizes from 3.5" to 12.1" in a variety of resolutions.