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One of the most respected & fastest growing embedded systems solution providers
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Set up in 2001, with a mission to reduce the cost and time spent to develop embedded devices, TechNexion has become one of the most respected and fastest growing embedded systems solution providers. Their system-on-modules, embedded mainboards, fan-less embedded computers and panel PCs now available from Inelco Hunter Ltd have enabled some of the biggest OEM/ODMs to create successful products used by the multimedia, communications, security, automation and process control industries. Continuous investment in production technology, state-of-the-art equipment upgrades, and research and development enables us to ensure our products deliver the benefits of the latest technology, no matter how complex.  All products are backed up with unmatched longevity, open hardware documentation, open source software and local Engineering support via the design engineering team at Inelco Hunter.

Embedded Vision Modules

IHL embedded vision solutions, from TechNexion, provide embedded system developers access to high-performance, industrial-grade camera solutions to accelerate their time to market for embedded vision projects. Typical applications include machine tool control and monitoring.

System On Module

TechNexion System-on-Modules built around NXP i.MX6 / i.MX7 / i.MX8M families provide embedded system developers access to high-performance, industrial-grade building blocks to integrate into their end-product. As an NXP Gold Partner, the products are based on 32-bit and 64-bit ARM™ i.MX processors. These are powerful multimedia computing platforms that include the latest connectivity options such as USB 3.0, PCI-Express, Gigabit Ethernet, video encoding and decoding, high-definition audio interfaces, and high performance 3D graphics.