Automotive Load Dump Circuit Protection

Automotive Circuit ProtectionThe automotive industry continues to introduce new features that enhance driver experience on top of existing popular systems that include infotainment and navigation systems, Bluetooth and USB connected car functionality, high-performance LED lighting, and more.

Now, advanced driver assistance systems with features such as collision avoidance and parking assist are also being offered. This is in addition to established electronics systems like stereos, LCD displays, and critical basic control and power systems. As a result, it is more important than ever to protect the circuitry of these advanced automotive electronics systems.

There are also many mandatory safety systems requiring advanced electronic components. For example, in the EU, direct tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) are required on all new cars sold. So, there is an ever-increasing reliance on electronic technologies within the automotive sector. There are many common transients in automotive systems that impact performance of the electronic systems. They can be generated from many different sources, from common electrostatic discharges to disconnecting a battery.

Automotive designers of Infotainment, lighting, drive train, body or chassis/safety groupings need to consider the circuit protection to combat these transients.

In this paper, we’ll show you how to identify the proper circuit protection helps ensure safety while reducing warranty and service related costs for manufacturers.

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