Using Bluetooth Beacons in Hospital Environments

Bluetooth Beacons are quickly expanding into almost every industry, including healthcare. Combined with the right mobile apps, Beacons offer Hospital Environments an enhanced user experience through more efficient processes and improved patient care.

Bluetooth Beacons in Hospital EnvironmentsUsing  Bluetooth Beacons in Hospital Environments
Hospital Environments have their fair share of challenges, especially when it comes to wireless technology. From network security, securing patient data, and guest access.

With so many mission critical systems operating in such a dense, physically demanding environment, it’s a challenge to offer patients, staff and guests with a robust mobile experience. Bluetooth Beacons offer an enhanced user experience without creating stress on the hospital’s wireless network.

Imagine being able to offer patients the right registration information right on their own mobile device as soon as they enter a registration area; with location-aware beacons and apps, you can.

Fujitsu BeaconsThe Benefits of using Bluetooth Beacons include:

  • Patients would get the correct information/registration they need on their own mobile device upon entering a registration area.
  • You can provide information to patients, like maps of the hospital and routes, estimated wait times and other pertinent hospital data.
  • You increase patient satisfaction with the comfort and familiarity of using their own devices
  • ER can have access to patient records the minute they enter the hospital

Patient Management
When a patient leaves the hospital, beacons could know that the patient is leaving and trigger a message providing the patient with all kinds of valuable information such as:

  • The nearest location to find medications or care products
  • Offer coupons to purchase medications
  • Beacons could also send doctor’s notes and after-care instructions, so they are readily available to the patient.

Beacon Technology empowers patients, increases the hospital’s productivity and point-of-care effectiveness while lowering operational costs.

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