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Our services are based on tried and tested methods, which combine an innovative system with rational analysis to understand the product design, customer expectations, budget, target market and project deadlines.

If you are interested in any of the following services please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Embedded Solutions

IHL’s extensive experience in a variety of markets and products allows us to offer a range of solutions for customers developing embedded systems solutions. Our skilled team of engineers can help define clear product requirements and bring your product to life. This includes support from design and prototyping through to pilot and finished production.

Project Management Service

Managing projects can be time-consuming and costly as you search for the best options, test ideas and liaise between different suppliers. Our Project Management Service streamlines this procedure, saving you time and money as we use our extensive project management experience to identify the best approach and reduce the R&D time for your project.

Design Display Solutions

The Inelco Hunter engineering team designed the official 7” Raspberry Pi display, and developed the larger 10.1” Display kit in response to demand from our customers. Multiple customisations are available, including customized cover lens and touch options, and box builds for those customers who require a complete cased solution.

Design & Consultancy

We’ll take your product all the way from an initial idea to prototype, or to fully functioning solution. Our service allows our clients to use our technical and design expertise to make their idea become reality, whether it’s a redesign or a new product introduction.

Assembly & Test

Inelco Hunter’s engineering and development team will undertake full assembly and testing of customer projects and developed products. We provide a full report based on agreed specifications and approvals as required.

2D and 3D CAD Drawing

CAD Drawings and 3D printing are essential tools in design and development, allowing projects to be visualized and helping to reduce problems in the later assembly phase. We offer this service to companies who lack access to CAD software.


At Inelco Hunter Ltd we offer a range of Services that facilitate efficient logistics management for our customers: bulk storage; kitting; JIT; worldwide drop shipments; end OEM Shipments; consignment stocking.

Fan Assembly Services

The Inelco Hunter engineering team works closely with our experienced fan supplier ebm-papst to offer this custom fan design service. This saves the customer time and expense usually associated with custom projects.

Anti-Static Assessment

As component parts and assemblies become more sensitive they are at increased risk of damage from an EOS/ESD event. Inelco Hunter offers a no-charge assessment of our customers’ production assembly and factory systems.

Obsolescence Service

When one of your products is declared ‘end of life’ it can be difficult and time consuming to find a suitable replacement. If you require a specific product lifetime our engineering team can help you find a product that meets your current requirements, and which will give you the best options for a replacement when the time does come to find an alternative.