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Case Studies

Protek Devices

protek devicesProTek Devices is a privately held semiconductor company offering a product range of overvoltage protection and overcurrent protection components.

These include transient voltage suppressor arrays (TVS arrays), steering diode TVS arrays, PPTC devices, and electronics SMD chip fuses.

These components deliver circuit protection in various electronic systems against

  • lightning
  • electrostatic discharge (ESD)
  • nuclear electromagnetic pulses (NEMP)
  • inductive switching
  • electromagnetic interference / radio frequency interference (EMI / RFI)

ProTek has pioneered many innovative TVS products which set benchmarks for quality, reliability, and performance. They utilize the latest technologies in the design and fabrication of our products, bringing together more than two decades of engineering and manufacturing experience to fields of transient and surge protection.

Component Modules

Component Modules

ProTek offers three types of Modules and/or Components: AC Power, DC Power and Data Line. In addition, ProTek's modules are designed to meet surge, line to ground, and line to line immunity requirements - IEC 61000-4-5.
Steering Diode TVS Combos

Steering Diode TVS Combos

ProTek offers low capacitance TVS protection by combining steering diodes with TVS diodes into a single package. This unique design provides high-speed data line and I/O port protection from transients caused by Electrostatic Discharge (ESD), Electrical Fast Transients (EFT), Tertiary Lightning and other induced voltages.  
TVS Diode Arrays

TVS Diode Arrays

ProTek offers three types of TVS Diode Arrays: Standard Capacitance(less than 100pF), Low Capacitance(5-100pF) and Ultra Low Capacitance(less than 5pF).