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Static Control Products

Electrostatic Discharge, ESD, is the spontaneous transfer of electrostatic charge from one item to another. It can generate heat and melt circuitry in electronic components.

Inelco Hunter offers a full range of ESD protection to help customers establish an ESD Protected Area, and to protect the products manufactured within it when they must leave that protected area.

For information on ESD Prevention, click here.

Bags and Labels

ESD Packaging products are designed to protect ESD sensitive items from electrostatic damage during transportation and storage by enveloping the device in a material with a shielding layer.

Floor and Bench Mats

ESD protective working surfaces and floors prevent the build-up of static charge and damage caused by ESD.

Grounding Equipment

People are the most common source of charge and ESD. Grounding them with wrist straps and foot grounders avoids ESD and protects sensitive equipment. Monitoring devices ensure their effectiveness.

Test & Measuring Equipment

Detecting and measuring static is essential to avoid damage to sensitive electronic devices. Inelco Hunter offers a comprehensive range of test instruments and consumables to help you avoid these problems.

Cleanroom Products

Your ESD Protected Area (EPA) can be managed by access control and additional equipment such as ionisers to ‘neutralise’ those items which cannot be grounded or removed from the area. These are available in benchtop, overhead and nozzle / hand gun form depending upon your requirements.

ESD Accessories

A range of ESD badge holders, lanyards, desk equipment (cups, workstation organisers), bottles and brushes are available to ensure the highest levels of ESD protection.

Static Management Programme

A Static Management Programme (SMP) continuously monitors your ESD process control system throughout all stages of manufacturing. It captures data from workstations, equipment and ESD event continuous monitors, and provides a real-time picture of critical manufacturing processes.

This includes:

  • System based on continuous detection in production areas
  • Ongoing readings at every stage where product could be damaged
  • Constant collection, reporting and analysis of data
  • Equal attention to machine, bench and personnel monitoring
  • User-friendly tools for non-specialist ESD coordinators
  • Ability to demonstrate robust static control measures to customers
  • Transition away from reactive, fire-fighting approaches to proactive programs based on active management of entire ESD environment


Equipment used in the SMP:

Ground Master (Equipment Ground Monitor): The Ground Master Monitor provides continuous monitoring of proper grounding for up to eight tools: measuring impedance in accordance with ANSI/ESD S20.20; monitoring EMI voltage signals on each ground to assist in equipment diagnostics; providing intelligent information to a facility monitoring system with detailed status on each ground connection.

WS Aware (Workstation Monitor): The WS Aware Monitor is a dual workstation continuous monitor for operators, ESD work surfaces and metal tools. It continuously monitors all grounding parameters for either two metal and two ‘soft’ grounds, or for four metal grounds, with optional ‘big brother’ alarm for occasions when the operator approaches sensitive components before correctly plugging in his or her wrist strap.

EM Aware (ESD Event Monitor): The EM Aware Monitor monitors three key parameters that keep you aware of critical symptoms of ESD problems: ESD events, change in static voltage field, and ionizer performance. The thresholds for these parameters are fully adjustable.


SMP Advantages

  • Companies can now determine and evaluate their Return On Investment
  • Savings may be realized from:
  • Higher yields & process efficiencies
  • Elimination of costly inspections
  • Fewer customer complaints
  • Less re-work and lower field returns
  • Budgets driven by performance data
  • Leverage SMP to attract and retain customers
  • New source of competitive advantage – compliance as a selling point
  • Tip the scale in project negotiations