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Axial Fans

Inelco Hunter has partnered with the well known manufacturer EBM Papst to bring to the market a comprehensive range of Axial fans. Contact us for our full range of products.
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Product ImageEBM PartSeriesMeasurements (HxWxD (mm))Operating supply voltage (V AC or DC)Speed (RPM)Bearing typeAirflow (CFM)Noise (dBA)Power rating (W)IP ratingAdditional information
255H 25025x25x85VDC12000Sleeve2.6230.6IP20-
255M 25025x25x85VDC6000Ball1.950.2IP20-
412F/2H 400F40x40x1012VDC6000Ball5.3290.8IP20-
414/2 40040x40x2024VDC6000Sleeve5.9181IP20-
414F 400F40x40x1024VDC5400Ball4.722.10.8IP20-
4184NX 4100N119x119x3824VDC3200Ball105.9494.5IP20-
4312M 4300119x119x3212VDC2300Ball82392.6IP20-
4312T 4300V119x119x3212VDC2800Ball50-100.1455IP20-
4414F 4400F119x119x2524VDC2900Ball100.1435IP20-
4418FNH 4400F119x119x2548VDC5400Ball132.45512IP20-
5214NH 5200N127x127x3824VDC3650Ball148.3519.8IP20-
612F 600F60x60x1512VDC3900Ball17.1271IP20-
612N/2H 600N60x60x2512VDC5600Ball27.1372IP20-
612NGMI 600NV60x60x2512VDC4100Sleeve20.6281.7IP20-
614NHU 600NU60x60x2524VDC5600Ball25.3412.1IP20-
6448 6400172x150x5148VDC3400Ball241.35717IP20-
8214JN 8200J80x80x3824VDC8400Ball77.75510IP20-
8218JN 8200J80x80x3848VDC8400Ball77.75511IP20-
8314 830080x80x3224VDC3300Ball31.8362.7IP20-
8412NG 8400N80x80x2512VDC3100Sleeve40.6322IP20-
8412NGMV 8400V80x80x2512VDC2600Sleeve34.1262IP20-
8414NGH 8400N80x80x2524VDC3600Ball46.5372.4IP20-
W2E142-BB01-01 W2E142150x172x38230VAC3300Ball2305728IP20Alternative Part No.: 7056ES
W2E143-AA09-01 W2E143171.5x172x51230VAC3300Ball258.96026IP20Alternative Part No.: 6058ES
W2S130-AA03-01 W2S130150x172x55230VAC3250Ball223.65339IP20Alternative Part No.:7855ES
W2S130-BM03-01 W2S130150x172x55230VAC3050Ball250.16246IP20Alternative Part No.: 7450ES

Why Choose Inelco Hunter?


At Inelco Hunter Limited, we have formed strategic partnerships with leading manufacturers of electronic components, allowing us to offering a comprehensive range of quality products to the market. From water-tight glove operated touch panels to space-saving hybrid interconnect solutions, when buying from Inelco Hunter Ltd you benefit from an integrated approach to your design, project and production requirements

Our range of products includes:

  • LCD, TFT, OLED & Custom Solutions
  • Touch Screen Panels
  • Panel PC & Embedded Solutions
  • Interconnect Solutions
  • Fans, Blowers & HL Assemblies
  • Thermal Printers
  • ESD & Circuit Protection
  • Relays
  • Capacitors


  • Feasibility & Research service, saving you time & money
  • Pre-design activities, documenting design challenges and identifying potential risks
  • Ability to work with you to ring-fence the correct product range depending on your requirements and product ideas
  • Ability to turn your concepts and ideas into fully working products
  • Experts in working with innovative systems and solutions & innovating new solutions for our customers
  • Deep understanding of product design and customer expectation
  • Excellent project management, delivering your products on time and budget
  • Experts in the field understanding your target audience enabling us to assist you in the production journey

Support Services

Our services are based on tried and tested methods, which combine an innovative system with rational analysis to understand the product design, customer expectations, budget, target market and project deadlines.

Our services include:

  • Inelco Hunter Embedded Systems
  • Project Management
  • Custom Design Display Solutions
  • Design and Consultancy
  • Assembly and Test
  • 2D and 3D CAD Drawing Service
  • Logistics Value-Add
  • Fan Assembly Services
  • Anti-Static Survey & Assessment
  • Obsolescence Service